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Awakened Parenting Workshop

Every child craves a happy parent. Experience spontaneous and emotional transformation by attending the ‘Awakened Parenting’ Workshop.


Arthritis And Homoeopathy

Most of the patients suffering from arthritis are not only affected at the physical level but also at the emotional level. There are many day to day activities which they cannot perform since the time they are affected by arthritis.


Understanding Homeopathy

A German physician, Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843), who was totally unhappy with the orthodox medical practice of the eighteenth century, discovered something unique which he called the ‘Law of Similars’.




Homoeopathy has a very good scope in the treatment of polpys. It not treats them, but also cures the tendency which often causes recurrence of polyps by treating the patient holistically (overall) rather than just symptomatically.


Patient Awreness Seminar

Patient awareness, orientation and education is an essential part of healthcare. the other song Homeopathy Clinic regularly organizes Patient Awareness Seminars on various health issues like Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Mental Health Etc.



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