Talk and Meditation session by Dr.Rajan Sankaran

Dr Rajan Sankaran has been teaching meditation for the last several years. He will first give a talk about meditation which is a 3-step process. The idea of meditation is to locate yourself in a place far deeper than the mind, in the deepest all-pervading oneness and peace. His talk will be followed by Meditation and Sharing. These sessions have benefited the participants greatly.

Clarifying the Confusion Surrounding Homeopathy

Ever wonder what homeopathy is all about? A cloud of confusion surrounds the topic of natural medicine, as it all seems to get clumped together. This lack of clarity makes it difficult for people to decide what form of natural medicine is right for them. The following article will help to clarify what homeopathic medicine is and is not.


Homeopathy’s answer to cancer

Homeopathy has again proven its efficacy in treating not only cancer patients but also the side effects of chemotherapy. Dr Sujit Chatterjee who is a senior homeopathic doctor at the other song homeopathy clinic in Mumbai has an expertise in helping cancer cases with homeopathy. This video sheds light into the powerful healing effects of homeopathic medicines.

Dr.R.K.Anand, Senior Pediatrician speaks on his experience with Homeopathy

Witnessing extremely difficult cases being successfully treated with homeopathy, right from a new born child suffering from mastitis to an extremely sick animal, Dr. R. K. Anand has seen enough to tell the critics of homeopathy out there not to write off homeopathy as a placebo effect. He also busts the myth of presence of steroids in homeopathic medicines in this video.


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