The Science of Healing

Join in the world-renowned pioneers of Past Life Regression, Dr.Newton Kondaveti, MBBS, MD & Dr.Lakshmi G V ,MBBS in Mumbai, on 11th April A FREE talk on ‘The science of healing’ .

The Raga Sings You

“It took me 25 years to learn this, and that is that you don't sing the RAGA, the RAGA sings you. Because the RAGA exists in the universe, its there already, its an energy. The day I allow the RAGA to sing me, the best music will come out of me." - Dr Rajan Sankaran


Easy Tips for a Healthy Summer

The sweltering heat of summer is at our doorstep. The average temperature will rise and days will be longer. We have to get used to or adapt to the changes in the weather. Here are the five easy tips to beat the heat .A quick recipe to savor the flavor of this season.

Managing stress with homeopathy

The prevalence of diseases like high blood pressure, skin diseases and diabetes, acidity, asthma, osteoarthritis and autoimmune diseases are increasing in today’s high paced life. Predictions say that India will soon be the diabetes capital of the world.


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