Dear Alumni,

I hope you are well. It has been some time since you were here at ‘the other song’ and we hope that you had a very pleasant and insightful learning experience with us here in Mumbai. As a part of our ‘reach – out’ program for our International Alumni ,we have been coordinating with international students so that we can establish a more direct and personal connect with you all and learn from you - how you have been doing especially after the course that you undertook with us.

We would like to offer any help that you need, and we have an ongoing international mentoring programme in place that has helped both students and doctors to implement in practice what they have learned here with us. These mentoring programmes can help you with difficult cases and give a feeling of community with other students who are receiving mentoring. Please do send an email to Dr. Pratik Desai on if you would like to pursue this.

This year we are moving ahead to starting an ‘other song’ presence in new countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa and pursuing an existing relationship with New Zealand and Australia. If you would like to be part of these initiatives, please do contact us and we will welcome your support as a ‘friend’ of ‘the other song’.

Dr Rajan Sankaran is publishing new books this coming year on the WISE processes ‘witnessing the Inner Song Experience’ and a book on his new research into Sensation and Plant Sub-classes.

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It would be great if you could send us a written or video testimonial/ feedback about how you have benefited from the course or any patient case that you have achieved success with after you undertook the course with us. It would be lovely if you could share your WhatsApp number as well as it helps establish very quick communication.

Please send across your feedback to our Internal coordination team which comprises of
1. Dr Swayema Sheikh - our International Student Co-ordinator ; +919033931587
2. Carolyn Shanti- International Outreach Co-ordinator
We look forward to hearing back from you and hope you are having a great day.

Warm Regards,
Team TOS

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‘the other song’

Revised Calendar for International Homeopaths 2020 1. 12 days Mastery Course: Dates:
  • Batch 1: 9th March 2020 to 21st March 2020
  • Batch 2: 23rd November to 5th December 2020
Highlights of the course:
  • Live cases
  • Supported by lectures on various topics of sensation method with the help of video cases
Additional features:
  • To make the course much more beneficial especially of practical utility, where the participants feel more equipped to apply the ideas in practice with greater confidence:
  • Supervisory case taking
  • Opportunity to sit with consultants during live cases
  • Team will provide support and guidance on one difficult case after the course
  • 9:00am to 5:00pm (includes tea, coffee and vegetarian lunch at the academy)
  • 12 days mastery course fees @US$ 700
  • Extra 6 lectures in the evening @ US$ 100 additional (from 5:30pm to 7:30pm)
  • Mentoring- on line an opportunity to solve your difficult cases.
  • 3 on- line sessions post course once a month @US$ 150/-
German batch:
  • 3rd to 15th February 2020 (open to anyone interested as course will be conducted in English)
Israel batch
  • 17th -22nd Feb 2020.
Brazil batch:
  • 12-days course at TOS: 17th to 29th February
  • Fees 500 USD upto 31st December 2019, after early bird fees 600USD
2. My Week with Rajan:
  • 2nd to 7th March 2020.
Highlights of the course:
  • Live cases with Dr. Rajan Sankaran for 6 days (two cases each day)
  • Followed by detailed, step-by-step explanation
  • Along with lectures on Dr Sankaran’s latest work on PLANT SUBCLASSES
  • Dr Sankaran has also introduced a unique methodology in case-taking, especially in difficult cases called ‘Sankaran DeWise’. By creative ways how he by passes the levels of experience, and reach to the sensation would be demonstrated in the live cases.
  • Early bird 550$ upto 31st December 2019
  • 600$ 1st Jan 2020 onwards
3. WISE (Witnessing Inner Song Experience): Dates:
  • 1st March 2020, Sunday
  • One day specialized course with Dr Rajan Sankaran to discover (or re-discover) your inner patterns or the other song by way of specialized activities. Like meditation, painting, posture, singing, music, etc.
  • 100$
4. 6 months Masters Course at the other song

6 months intensive and comprehensive training at the other song academy and clinic. Participants learn the importance of integrating traditional approaches and the Sensation and Synergy approach. They are taught how to successfully integrate use of repertory, materia medica with understanding of kingdoms, levels of experience and miasms. Practical training through live cases and video lectures with masters in homeopathy occur 6 days a week for 6 months.

  • Intensive learning session for 6 months
  • Connection to a variety of homeopathic masters under one roof
  • Learning prioritization; tracking your growth in homeopathic training
  • Access to comprehensive mentorship program
  • Tools, resources and course material to read throughout the program
  • Master prescribing skills, increase confidence through hands-on training and
  • clinical posting
  • Individualized case taking sessions with senior consultants
  • Discover simple techniques/additional strategies to tackle both chronic and
  • acute cases
  • Batch 1: January to June 2020
  • Batch 2: July to December 2020
  • 4000 US$ plus GST
5. 4 years foundation course in homoeopathy- in Croatia with ANAH academy.

We have completed first year course successfully and now students of the course graduated for 2nd year which is starting from Sept 19.

6. On-line lectures for Hahnemann Homoeopathic academy- Japan.

7. On line mentoring series in Australia

8. Other possibilities:

  • Video courses – with a case, explanation, follow up and transcript of the case
  • Online mentorship (in small groups)
  • Live clinical workshop, which includes in depth solving of cases, supervisory case-taking, and more personalised work on the group


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Dr Swayema Sheikh :
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