Today is the last day to register for the "Zeal to heal" Scholarship Scheme Entrance exam for Masters Program - January 2020 batch.

In 2017, we introduced the Zeal to Heal scholarship plan.

Based on online tests and interview rounds, we offer scholarships of Rs. 50,000/- each in part or full, to deserving students and practitioners.

This amount greatly subsidizes the course fees of students who fit the criteria and clear our rigorous selection process. Who can apply?

Interns (BHMS), practitioners, or ex-students of the Basic/Advanced Courses can apply.

The Masters Program and the Zeal to Heal scholarship are offered and designed for those who seek a turning point in their life as a homeopathic practitioner.

Call Avani Nagori on + 919323621096 to register for the scholarship program today.

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