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Awakened Parenting Workshop

Every child craves a happy parent. Experience spontaneous and emotional transformation at the ‘Awakened Parenting’ Workshop

Winter Health Tips

Winter is here and you can make the best of this season by following these simple tips and eating this quick to make recipe.

Homeopathy and Mental Health

Come and witness this journey to health, as homoeopathic treatment is based on a relationship between the homoeopath his patients that demands a shared decision making to determine the best health care possible.

Dr. Gandhi would talk to you about the benefits of homeopathy along with a deeper understanding of mental health and well being.

This event has been immensely beneficial to all our patients who have attended in the past. It is an opportunity for you to develop awareness about mental well-being and understand possible solutions.

Homeopathic treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

51-yr-old female received a consultation at the clinic at ‘The Other Song’ by Dr. Shekhar Algundi, a homoeopathic consultant in December 2012. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Her main complaints were pain with stiffness in the joints and muscles. She also complained of acidity & sinusitis. On the basis of the patient’s history, the contributing factors and the pathology of the disease itself a homoeopathic remedy was selected. The remedy covered the entire totality of the patient. In 1 ½ years her progress was closely monitored both clinically and symptomatically. Investigations were carried out at regular intervals. There was progressive decrease in the RA factor.

Parenting Tips: - dynamics in health and disease

There is a huge problem between the parents and children these days – a great distress, a feeling of not at ease. One of the main things is that the parents today need to get in synchronization with the psyche, the temperament, the needs and the problems of the new age children. To achieve a healthy parent child communication, this gap which we generally know as the generation gap needs to be addressed.

Homeopathic treatment for Asthma and Allergy

What we do know is that an allergic or asthmatic attack is caused by an immune system that is over-reacting. Therefore, in homeopathy the goal is to rebalance the immune response. Homeopathy can strengthen the system to such a degree that the susceptibility is removed, so that the person is no longer sensitive to his/her triggers

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