Health Tips

It's the month of fasting for many, so eat right and at regular intervals. Keep fruits and dryfruits and nuts handy to pop in whenever you get a hunger pang.
1. While you may be tempted to eat hot snacks this monsoon such as bhajiyas and wadas you can opt for healthier foods such as roasted corn cobs, steamed vegetable idlis , refreshing hot soups which will be equally heart warming.
2. Before you do a food shop, plan healthy meal/snack options for the week and write a shopping list so you aren't tempted to buy food items that you don't need or shouldn't be eating.


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Many individuals go through various traumatic experiences during different phases of life.Trauma is a normal reaction/response to not so pleasant events. The imprints of some traumatic experiences never fade; some accept it, some cope with it and some live with it daily.

Some do reach out for help and some silently suffer within themselves which in the bargain causes a negative effect on their health, which may be physical, emotional or both. It may also hamper the individual's ability to lead a normal and balanced life. In such cases help is often needed to treat the ill effects caused as a result of these traumatic experiences.

Our main focus through this issue on Trauma is to bring out awareness on this topic through personal life experiences, case studies, offering help through medications and counseling with role of homoeopathy.

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